A Gathering of Rugby

Rugby has been a growing sport in New Brunswick.  The Gathering of the Scots has embraced the rugby community and sparked immense interest in the sport. Many have heard of rugby, but few understand it, so patrons to the Gathering of the Scots are eager to watch this action packed sport.rugby

The Gathering of the Scots is the perfect venue for showcasing the roots of rugby sevens.  Rugby Sevens was invented in Melrose, Scotland.  Sevens tournaments are traditionally known for having more of a relaxed atmosphere than fifteen-a-side games, and are often known as “festivals”.  The reduced field size and festive atmosphere provide a wonderful opportunity for players and fans alike to enjoy a sport played by Gentlemen and Ladies.
U14 teams from across the province will participate for the chance to bring the traditional rugby Cup, Plate or Bowl award back to their home town.

As an extra exhibition, teams will also compete in a tug-of-war competition and participate in the mid-day parade of clans.

The action begins early Saturday morning and proceeds throughout the entire day.

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