Cast a Fly in 2016!!

Now here’s something that both we New Brunswickers and the Scottish have in common . . . we share a long and passionate history of fly-fishing! Here it’s the Miramichi, or possibly the Dungarvon that lure us. Across “the pond” the Scots wade into famous rivers like the Tweed or the Narin. But wherever it is, our success always comes down to the ancient and practised art of casting-a-fly!

In 2016 visitors to the Gathering of the Scots will have the opportunity to learn the finer points of this amazing sport!

Fly-Casting Competition (1:00pm)flycasting
Shortly after the Opening Ceremonies on Saturday at Veteran’s Field, remember to make your way over to the Fly-Casting Venue!
Come as you are – everything needed to compete for a year’s “bragging rights” will be on-site! Workshop instructor Lachlan MacIntosh will guide contestants through several aspects of the competition including casting for accuracy and greatest distance!

And here’s the best part; after the flycasting2numbers are tallied and winners are decided, top honors will walk away with a beautiful fly-rod, reel and line – ready for the river! Even the Youth (10-14 years old) can get involved in the “Spin-Casting” segment of the competition!

But wait, there’s more! Stick around and see a demonstration of the ancient art of “Spey Casting” which originated in the heart of Scotland in the mid-1800s. The name comes from the River Spey in Scotland, where the cast originated. Many fisherman recently have resurrected this traditional form of 2-handed casting. Let MacIntosh show you this beautiful style involving the two groups of Spey casts, the “Splash and Go” and the “Waterborne Anchor”. Even step up and give it a try – see how Spey Casting can greatly improve your accuracy and distance!

So there you go! It’s free and fun! Why not try your luck? Cast a line at the Gathering in 2016!

For more information on the Gathering of the Scots Fly-Casting venue, contact Lachlan MacIntosh ( )

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