Shanachie ar Puball

storytellerFor the first time ever, to help commemorate the festival’s 15th anniversary, organizers of the Gathering of the Scots Festival will host their first “Shanachie ar Puball” or for those not familiar with the Gaelic, a Story-Teller’s Circle!

Hosted by local enthusiast Murray Grant, a casual format of invited speakers as well as anyone volunteering from the audience will progress through the event.  “Visitors to the circle can tell a story, sing a song, or what have you”, says Grant.  “The theme is Scottish, Celtic, Local, historical and/or Saint John River Valley”.

As the title denotes this session will take place within a workshop tent and will be set up with enough chairs in a circle to accommodate the invited folks as well as any who would like to join in.  Extra seats will be provided as well for visitors simply wishing to listen.

The program will be hosted with a moderator who would keep things something like a kitchen get-together over coffee, explaining of the event, introducing guest speakers and inviting others to share their stories.  While scheduled for hour, this session may continue much further, depending on attendance and involvement!

Prospective Speakers invited to attend in 2016 are Bill Miller (Nictau), David Goss (Saint John) and Dean Butterfield (Kilburn).

So, dust-up on some of those tales-of-old and take your seat at our first Shanachie ar Puball!!

For more information on this new and innovate session, contact Murray Grant at 273-6485 of by email: