“Kirking” of the Tartans

“Kirking” of the Tartans – Larlee Creek
Sunday, June 5th (7:00 PM)

History of the “Kirking” – This custom is said to date back from the days after the battle of Culloden (Scotland), when the Duke of Cumberland suppressed the Scottish Highlanders. The subsequent 1746 Act of Proscription forbade members of Scottish clans to wear their tartan and play the bagpipes. This was done to assimilate the Highlanders into English society by duress. Clans hid their tartans at home or wore a small square of it hidden on their person to remember their heritage. As a result, a tradition arose that became known as the Kirking of the Tartans.

Larlee Creek Church (Erected 1856)

During the Gathering of the Scots Festival in 2016, this ancient ceremony will again be honored at the historic Larlee Creek Church in Lower Perth.   The keepers of this hallowed site in our village have graciously agreed to open their doors for a non-denominational evening service of tradition and community celebration. Under the expert guidance of long-time friend of the Gathering, Graydon Dingee, visitors will take a step back in time as they pass through the doors of this amazing structure to the haunting sounds of the Highland Bagpipes!

Bring your Tartans – In keeping with the theme, visitors are given the opportunity to bring a sample of tartan for a traditional blessing. Kilts, ties, scarves, etc. – anything showing “the colors” of heritage can be used.

A lone bagpiper and traditional music by the Kincardine Church Choir will again echo the walls of this 175 year old structure. Proceeds from this service will be contributed to assist the Larlee Creek Cemetery Fund. With services concluded, refreshments and snacks will be provided for visitors wishing to stroll through the stones of this ancient cemetery.

What better way to finish a weekend of Celtic celebration in our community! Make plans now and arrive early for a chat at “The Creek” on Sunday! And don’t forget those tartans!