Canadian Women’s Scottish Athletic Championships @ GOS!

The Gathering of the Scots has long been recognized as a “festival of firsts” – and their record is impressive!  Over the past 17 years, organizers of this little Scottish Gathering in Western New Brunswick have constantly strived to implement new and innovative ideas their visitors to enjoy!

Some of their many accolades include introducing Scottish Athletic events specifically for both Junior and Female competitions, serving as host of the Canadian Masters Scottish Heavy Athletics Championships, presentation of the first falconry exhibitions ever seen in our Province, the introduction of the mystic Castalia Stone, registering to compete for the World’s largest Clan March and even offering free admission to the festival in celebration of our Nation’s 150th anniversary in 2016!

In 2019, they have done it again and are excited to announce their successful bid to host the “Canadian Women’s Scottish Athletic Championships” – the first time this event has ever been hosted in Atlantic Canada!

The Gathering is the first Atlantic event to host the Canadian Women’s Scottish Athletic Championships.

“We are very excited to host the Canadian Nationals in Perth-Andover”, says festival Events Chairman Rod MacIntosh.  “This event will highlight the best-of-the-best in Canadian Women’s Scottish Athletics!  Our country’s top competitors will come together from 7 different Provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI) including the reigning Canadian Champion, Past Champion, a 2-time Olympian and PanAM gold medalist, a Canadian strong woman and arm-wrestling champion.”

Festival Athletic Coordinator Dirk Bishop has been working hard over the past months to bring this championship to Perth-Andover in 2019.  “The women will be the marquee event in the athlete’s venue this year”, he added.  “They will take center stage for Saturday at the athletic field and will be contesting the 7 traditional events: Open stone, heavy weight for distance, light weight for distance, heavy hammer, light hammer, caber and weight over bar.”

Bishop also mentioned that we will see lots of local flavor on this field of national competition.  “Of the 11 invitees, 5 will be representing Atlantic Canada.  PEI’s Erinn Quinn and Nova Scotia’s Liz MacDonald will be here in June along with 3 others from New Brunswick.  This trio of nationally ranked athletes will include Adena Robinson, Wendy McCrae and Catlin Clark.  It is very unique to have this number of high-level athletes representing our community in a National Championship!”

Although many details need yet to be confirmed, what we do know is that the Gathering of the Scots in Perth-Andover will definitely be the Highland Games to attend in 2019 with a Canadian Championship on the line!