World’s Record at the Gathering!?!

With such an amazing response last year to our Guinness Record attempt with the world’s largest Clan March, festival organizers have decided to go one step further in 2019 . . .

“The most Cabers tossed in 3 minutes.” – Sounds interesting, eh?

Local heavy events champion Dirk Bishop further explains the details in attempting this year’s unique World Record attempt:

“The goal is to toss ‘the most cabers in 3 minutes’ (by a pair of athletes) and will be attempted by Danny Frame (Greenwood, NS) and Dirk Bishop (Perth-Andover, NB). The event will take place just after the opening ceremonies (12:00 PM) at the Gathering of the Scots festival on Saturday, June 1st at the main Athletics venue (Veteran’s Field, East Riverside Drive, Perth-Andover)”.

The rules state that the team of caber tossers must take turns successfully tossing a single caber for as many times as they can in 3 minutes. The caber they choose must meet the minimum dimensions of being at least 16’6” in length and weighing at least 40 kg, or 88 pounds. The current world record is 15 turns by a team from Ontario.

Danny Frame is presently one of the top highland games athletes in Canada, and he set the single person world record for caber tosses last year in Middleton, NS. Dirk Bishop, while retired from competitive throwing, is a former 5-time Canadian Caber Toss Champion.

Come to the Gathering of the Scots on Saturday! Be sure to arrive early to cheer on Danny and Dirk as they try to bring this Guinness World Record to Perth-Andover and Atlantic Canada!