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A very special Kitchen Party!

For over 17 years at Gathering of the Scots in Perth-Andover, merriment, music & dance highlight the Friday evening Ceilidh! 2019 will be no exception (May 31st )!

NEW LOCATION!  Through a kind partnership with the Perth Elks Lodge, the Ceilidh will see a new location in 2019! And festival organisers are excited with the larger venue!

DUELING PIPE BANDS!  Get to the Ceilidh early and experience the first Pipe Band performances of the weekend! Your very own Souhern Victoria Band will play along with our special visitors in 2019 – the Kincardine Pipes and Drums returning all the way from Kincardine, Ontario to our little Gathering after 12 long years! Come out early and welcome them back!

CANADIAN FEMALE ATHLETES – UP CLOSE!  Soon after the pipes fade, join us inside for a unique opportunity to meet the Canadian National Female competitors! Learn where they have travelled from, across this great Nation and get the inside scoop on each of their specialties and strategies the night before they compete!

THE SCHIEDLER FAMILY BAND! Celtic music and dance have deep roots with this wonderful family from the highlands of Carlingford! Experience their ancient harmonies versed in Scots Gaelic, along with lots of fiddle and whistle!  Playing with passion is the only way the Scheidler’s roll!

THE GATHERING’S CEILIDH BAND!  What makes up the Gathering’s very own Ceilidh Band! That would be flat-tops, fiddles, deep base notes, parlor pipes and lots of fun! This rag-tag bunch of musicians have really been around and will give you a great show packed with some real toe-tappers!

EATS AND DRINKS!  Members of the Perth Elks will be waiting for you with a bite to eat and lots of liquid libations! Come and support the Ceilidh at the Elks this year! You simply will not be dissappointed!

GREAT ADMISSION PRICES!  Almost everything in the world today, comes with a price. But not the Ceilidh! Admission to this wonderfulnight is absolutely free!  So no excuses!



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