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Organizers of the Gathering of the Scots festival in Perth-Andover, NB have made  the decision to “reboot in 2022”! 

This little celebration of “Everything Scottish” has been around a long time – almost 20 years in fact! Sadly, pandemic restrictions within our world made it  necessary to cancel all festival activities over the last 2-years.

“It’s been a tough time for everyone”, echo’s Festival Events Chair Rod MacIntosh.  “2019 was our last Gathering in Perth-Andover; followed by 2 long years of  uncertainty. We really wondered if this was the end. But with restrictions  beginning to lift, we feel that many are trying to get back to some sort of  normality with their daily lives. The Gathering of the Scots organizers also feel it’s  time to come together again in celebration!” 

First celebrated in 2002, the Gathering of the Scots was initiated by a small group of passionate volunteers to celebrate the rich Scottish heritage and traditions of New Brunswick. Beginning with our First Nations people and followed by the thousands of emigrants that arrived much later in search of better lives for themselves and their families give our Province a wonderful cross-section of cultural diversity and traditions.

One of those groups, sailing from the land of “Alba” across the seas, came and  settled in the wilderness of New Brunswick. The stories of their early hardships  and battles for survival have quietly faded away over time. Remembering these journeys and what they brought to Canada is an important part of our heritage.

The 2022 Gathering of the Scots – their 19th celebration in fact, will take place  over 4-days (June 3rd – 6th) as the warmth of summer returns to New Brunswick.  As in the past, planning is underway to offer a wide diversity of cultural-based  activities and entertainment venues to festival visitors. “It’s all about just getting  back”, MacIntosh stresses. “2-years is a long time and we have a lot of work  ahead to “reboot” activities for 2022. However, early response has been very  encouraging and we are excited moving ahead! We will post regular updates in the weeks ahead of  activities planned.”

Dust off those kilts, pin on a wee-bit of tartan and come back  with us to the Gathering again in 2022! After 2 long years, we would love to see  you again!

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