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Gathering of the Scots Festival

Perth-Andover, NB, Canada


Tobique River Trading Company (Perth-Andover) will be the first to welcome back festival visitors in 2022 with an evening of “Everything Scottish”!

Hosted by our very own “Highlander” – Dan McLardy (Opie) definitely talks the talk with a passion of heart when it come to his homeland!  If you think you knew everything about the mystic country of “Alba” – think again!  Here’s a wonderful chance to experience a lighthearted evening of fun and learn so much more about “those that came before us”!


THURSDAY, MAY 26th @ 5:00 PM

TOBIQUE RIVER TRADING COMPANY (End of the Bridge in Perth)


“Opie will take you back to the hills of Scotland”, says Festival Events Chair Rod MacIntosh.  “His passion is simply contagious!”  Along with celebration, the Gathering of the Scots is all about 

FREE-FOR-ALL in 2022!

In 2022, organizers have decided to open the gates to all visitors! Free general admission all day Saturday at Veteran’s Field!  “Bypassing admissions is a big thing for organizers to accomplish”, MacIntosh stresses.  “A festival of this magnitude is expensive to coordinate!  But we feel this is the best way to begin our reboot in 2022.  People are anxious to get back to some sort of normality.  We hope this move will encourage everyone to get out again”!


First initiated in 2002, the Gathering of the Scots was a vision of a small group of 

passionate volunteers to celebrate the rich Scottish heritage and traditions of New Brunswick.  Beginning with our First Nations people, and followed by thousands of emigrants in search of better lives for themselves and their families, 

have left our Province with a wonderful cross-section of cultural diversity and traditions.  One of those groups, sailing across the seas from the land of “Alba” came and settled in the wilderness of this young Province.  Most stories of their early hardships and battles of survival have faded over time.  Remembering these journeys and what they brought to Canada is an important part of our Province’s heritage.


The 2022 Gathering of the Scots – their 19th celebration in fact, will take place on Saturday, June 4th as the warmth of summer returns to New Brunswick.  As in the past, plans are underway to offer a wide diversity of cultural activities and entertainment for festival visitors.  “It’s just all about getting back”, stresses MacIntosh.  “Two years is a long time to be dormant and we have a lot of work ahead to reboot activities in 2022.  However early response has been very encouraging and we are excited moving ahead!”

Keep up-to-date on happenings with the Gathering on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by visiting our festival website at

So, dust off those kilts, pin on a wee-bit of tartan an come back with us to The Gathering in 2022!  After 2 long years, we would love to see you again!

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