Author: wdickson

Organizers of the Gathering of the Scots festival in Perth-Andover, NB have made  the decision to “reboot in 2022”!  This little celebration of “Everything Scottish” has been around a long time – almost 20 years in fact! Sadly, pandemic restrictions within

The Gathering will be postponed ANOTHER YEAR! Sad but true! With everything possibly improving moving forward, we hope to be able to kick-start both the Festival and Whisky-Pairing again in 2022! The projected dates are: GOS Festival -  JUNE 2ND - 5TH, 2022 GOS Whisky-Pairing

We are almost there! Only a few more sleeps until the festivities begin! As the crew makes some final grounds checks, sound checks, raise the tents, it is also important to recognize the help of others. The Gathering of the Scots truly